About ME….I am Akshata Colvalker Talaulikar, a software professional turned homemaker…I had no clue that I could actually utilize my time in cooking & could be good at it until I left IT industry & moved to the US with my hubby…After having a foodie hubby who encourages you & enjoys any dish you prepare whether in better or best form, you feel motivated…I am no expert nor any little close to a master chef as my well wishers might exaggerate but just an amateur trying her hands on the recipes passed on by my mum, mum in law & of course some search over the web….I actually like art & craft & so prefer baking over cooking other dishes as baking involves more creativity, decoration etc… After being encouraged by few of my well wishers, I am here with a blog with my attempt to share a collection of recipes I have tried out though not my own creation but passed on by our foremother’s 😉 & available on the internet…Credit for most of the pictures of the dishes I prepare goes to my hubby 🙂